Menopausal and Hormone Symptoms Tracking App

iPhone and iPad

Not Feeling Well During Menopause

Many people get confused how to exactly find out the reason behind not feeling well during menopause. BioDesk is the best solution for them. BioDesk is a medical app for iPhone and iPad that makes hormonal symptoms and menopausal symptoms tracking very easy and convenient for the people who are tensed because of not feeling well during menopause.

The useful app allows tracking of both pre and post menopausal symptoms with different levels of severity from mild, normal to sever. The app has an in-built list of more than 40 symptoms that makes your tracking of hormonal symptoms very easy.

How Biodesk works?

To make it more useful and user friendly, a feature is there in the app that allows users to add their own symptoms if they don’t find the same in the list. Users can add or remove their own symptoms as per their convenience.

In BioDesk you can also track your medication and track out if you are not feeling well during menopause even after taking medicines and talk to your doctor regarding this.

To help your doctor keep updated with the changes in your hormonal symptoms and effect of medication, the app offers graphs which can be emailed to the doctor easily.

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Manage Your Profile

Biodesk helps you manage your profile very easily. You will set up a username and all dosing and


Track your symptoms

Track your symptoms daily, aid your specialist in making therapy adjustments.


Graph your progress

Biodesk’s special feature allows you to prepare a graph of your progress over a period of time.


Helpful glossary

Biodesk iPhone app has an in-built glossary to make it easy for you to understand the technical.